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Advice, Information and Advocacy

A female employee sat at a table helping a male member read something off a pink piece of paper

If you are a person with learning disabilities, a carer or an organisation we will try to help you.

If we cannot help, we can signpost you to someone who can.

Do you need advice or information on:



Day Services?

Keeping Safe?

Feel free to get in touch.

Useful links

We have lots of useful contacts which you can find here. Our main partners are:

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Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group logo
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Speaking Up

a male member with hat and glasses smiling whilst holding up a large speech bubble prop that says "I have the right to make my own decisions"

We are all about helping people with learning disabilities to speak up for themselves and their rights!

We help people individually (self advocacy) and we also have big events and speaking up groups to help lots of people speak up together (peer advocacy).

As a charity, we go to lots of meetings and events to speak up about the needs and rights of people with learning disabilities.


We try to make sure local services are as good as they can be for our members.

a female member holding up a large speech bubble prop which says "i have the right to say no"

Your Rights

Bill Of Rights 

In 2004 members of People First Forum and People First Dorset wrote their own Bill Of Rights without supporters or staff.

In 2011 they updated the Bill Of Rights and made it into a Charter.  These are the rights they wanted and we fight for.

Sign up to the Bill Of Rights Charter

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