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Services for people with learning disabilities

There is an image of a man and a woman looking at a piece of paper. the woman is supporting the man to read the information.

Our members can drop into our offices or call us for advice, information and advocacy.

A make member smiling at the camera with his thumbs up

We have lots of services to help keep you safe! 

Safe Places, Witness Profiling and crime reporting.

An image of 2 women at a bowling alley. one woman is looking ahead and concentrating on pushing the ball down the ramp. the other lady is smiling and stood behind the first lady ready to support her if needed.

We have groups that you can join and big events too including 2 club nights a year!

Services for organisations

a selection of easy read materials made by people first forum, including a Keeping Safe book, a quality acount and information on courses from skills and learning
Easy Read Information

With over 19 years experience we can turn your information into "Easy Read".  

All our information is made with and checked by people with learning disabilities. 

An image of a female member who is smiling at the camera. She is holding a clipboard and a pen
Quality Checking

We Quality Check various services and award people with our  Quality Mark for meeting our  Bill Of Rights.

An image of 2 members of the training team in a room. the 2 people are a man and a woman standing in front of a projected screen. the screen has the people first forum logo on it and the writing "learning Disability Awareness Training"

Our training packages are powerful, thought provoking, value for money and all delivered BY people with learning disabilities.

We can also design bespoke training.

a male member wearing a white tshirt with the words "mix it up" in a superhero style logo. He is standing behind some dj decks and has blue headphones around his neck. He is smiling and holding both his arms out in the air.
Mix It Up DJs

Inspiring DJs with learning disabilities are available to hire for parties and events! 

Also seen at Camp Bestival year after year.

part of a large display called "Struggle For Equality". there is a green strip going along the middle of the display with various dates and events around it. These images show different parts of learning disability history

Hire our unique timeline for your training or conference. 

It is a powerful display showcasing the fight of people with learning disabilities for their rights, mapped out against worldwide historical events.

An image from a speaking up group. 2 members of staff are knelt down infront of 3 other people. The 2 members of staff are male and are both smiling. There are 3 people on the back row. the first is a male looking at the camera. the second is a lady holding up a picture she has made and the thirs is a male holding up an easy read document
Speaking up groups

We can put on accessible speaking up groups of various types and sizes and we can even put on events for you. 

A little video we put together of our DJs and speakers at Camp Bestival in 2019.  Together they smash all the expectations people have of the abilities and lives of people with learning disabilities!

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