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Keeping Safe

a shop door and window that says "open" with 2 different Safe Paces logos on display
Safe Places

We have trained and supported over 127 local businesses to become a Safe Place.


If you are lost, scared or need help then look out for the Safe Place sticker in windows.

To find a safe place go to the National Safe Place website:

A lady supporting someone with learning disabilities to fill in a form
Crime Reporting

We are a third party reporting centre for people with learning disabilities. If you have been a victim or witness of a crime then we can support you to report it.


2 men holding and looking at a Keeping Safe Card
Keep Safe Training

We can offer training to people with learning disabilities to help people stay safe when out and about, in relationships or online. 

Unfortunately we do not have any free courses at the moment but we still deliver the training at a cost.

Witness Support

A Court Barrister talking with a Victim in Court

We are one of the few places that offer a Witness Support, Preparation and Profiling Service.

Paul Thomas works with victims and witnesses of crimes across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.


If you need to go to court, then Paul will support you along the way to prepare and make sure the court understand your needs.

The service has helped many people with learning disabilities get justice when before they may not have wanted or been able to give evidence in court.

Check out this video which tells you a bit more about the service...

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