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Go Forum and Friends United have now joined together to become Friends Forum.

You can speak up about different topics and get involved with community activities.

Every year we have our Annual General Meeting.  It is lovely for us all to get together and celebrate the year.

You will also learn about our projects and what we have spent our money on.


We put on different events each year.  Sometimes they are to raise money for People First Forum and some are large speaking up events.

Big Night Out With Suttles

With the support of Suttles Stone Quarries we are able to put on 2 accessible club nights a year for people with learning disabilities at Cameo nightclub in Bournemouth.


People First Dorset and BCP Council also help to plan the events. 


They are by far our most popular events with around 500-600 people going.

We usually have one in April and one in October.

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showing people with learning disabilities dancing and enjoying a nightclub event
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1 male member with a female supporter in the selfie frame
a blue lit image of 3 DJs with learning disabilities
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2 members posing with funny hats on in a club
2 women members using the selfie frame
4 male DJs with learning disabilities looking at the camera from behind DJ decks
3 men using the selfie frame
3 women volunteering at the club night, all wearing funny costume props including a mask, hat and co
3 male friends enjoying the club night, using the selfie frame
1 man wearing a hat prop in the club
1 male member holding a beer prop in our selfie frame
2 male DJs with learning disabilities wearing yellow lanyards
a couple using our sefie frame at the club night
a group of clubbers using the props of a fun photo.  3 are wearing fun hats, 1 is wearing a colourfu


People First Forum
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* Staff are working from home during Covid-19.  If you are posting something to us then let us know so we can arrange to collect it from the office.

Phone Number:

01202 051014

* This is our new number during Covid-19


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