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It has been a tough year and lots of things for me have changed because of COVID-19.

I try to keep busy and keep safe. For me that is doing jigsaw puzzles with mum, looking at the church website and Daily Echo website. I like to keep up to date with what is happening in the local area.

I have also been going on lots of walks with my Dad and in lockdown Keith calls every evening for a chat and catch up.

It is really hard because I can’t plan anything. In the beginning I was upset about the change in my routine and not being able to go out and about like I used to.

Working at People First Forum has also changed and I have to work on the computer now and do not get to see people face to face. It is good too because I like to talk to people via Zoom and enjoy Friends Forum using the tablet that People First Forum have lent me.

I also am upset because I cannot go back to my job at Poole Hospital and Prama at the moment.

I don’t like having to wait for things to get back to normal. Things keep changing all the time so I can’t understand when it will come to an end.

I really want to get back to normal, making sure that everyone will be safe when we do.

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