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Memories of Queen Elizabeth II

At People First Forum, I'm known as the Network Queen, that is partly because I'm good at meeting people and partly because of my love for the Royal Family.

So you can imagine how honoured and excited I was to be the only person with learning disabilities to be invited to meet the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip when they visited to open the new Lighthouse Theatre in Poole in July 2004.

I was so proud to be there representing not only myself but also my friends from the learning disabled community. At People First Forum we are truly user led because when I network I'm there on behalf of us all.

On hearing of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, I was very sad but proud of having met her. I have been looking again at all the things that I have received over the years from her and her family, as well as all my books and mugs that I have got over her 70 year reign.

The Queen was so kind and happy, always well dressed and had a lovely smile that we will all miss. I remember fondly her saying “keep up the good work"... our promise to her is that we will do just that!

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